Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20's graphics for NYE in Melbourne

Did you see this ad on the back of the 'M Magazine' in the Sunday Age on the weekend...? Must admit I am usually not the biggest fan of art deco styling (shock horror!) but I do love these graphics! The bold geometric shapes and faceted diamond in the centre especially... it's a really attention-grabbing design.

I don't, however, have $355 (or $600!) to spend on New Years Eve so unfortunately this was little wasted on me :) (actually, the more current info on the website is promoting tickets at $100 so perhaps not too excessive if you're up for a posh NYE in Melbourne!). For more info try here.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catherine Hammerton

Bespoke wallpaper by Catherine Hammerton. Left - Collection Wallpaper is a handmade collaged wallpaper of various vintage ephemera. No two panels are ever the same! Right - Fly Away Wallpaper also incorporates vintage wallpaper and is handcut with bird silhouettes.

Catherine Hammerton is a UK designer/maker of bespoke wallpapers an soft furnishings... Her layered, eclectic work is playful, whimsical and very girly :)

Collection Tablecloth - handprinted on 100% Egyptian cotton and finished with vintage floral patches border and trims. Available from the Catherine Hammerton online shop.

Feather Fabric - digitally printed and hand-dyed silk chiffon layers cut and sewn to give a layered, textured effect. Suitable for curtains or room dividers.

Lovely website too... screenshot below.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dean Kaufman part 2

How could I forget this image when I posted about Dean Kaufman last week? It is perhaps my favourite one of all.

The Prada building in Tokyo I think...? And all white, again.

Love it. :)

Sandra Juto's white Christmas

It's beautiful and hot and sunny in Melbourne this week... just as Christmas should be on this side of the world :)

....but I think some part of me must be craving a white Christmas.... I'm very drawn to white at the moment. First Dean Kaufman's beautiful photos, full of crisp white angular shapes - now these stunning bright wintery photos by Swedish artist/illustrator Sandra Juto. Beautiful.

PS.... Just been trawling the archives of Sandra Juto's blog, and I'm equally mesmerised by the incredible photos from her recent trip to NYC... too beautiful. Couldn't resist sharing more of her stunning work. I could trawl her site for hours...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Galerie Montmartre mega sale - this weekend!

Do you remember I posted about the lovely Galerie Montmartre in Fitzroy a little while ago? (if not, do re-visit my original post to see some more shots of their gorgeous showroom and vintage poster collection). And if you've been toying with the idea of investing in one of their stunning vintage French posters, you'll be pleased to know that they're having a huge sale for 2 days only, this December 27th and 28th (ie this weekend!).

10 - 50% off ALL floorstock
! Agggh.

Make sure you pop down and snap up something gorgeous, because they sure won't last long! :)
ALSO international / Interstate readers will be pleased to know that any email inquiries / internet sales during this period will also attract the same floorstock discount! Wicked.

Galerie Montmartre
rear 197b Brunswick st (enter via Moor st)

03 9486 8686

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas / Hanukkah extravaganza

A table for 18 in the park

Food by everyone (the dolmades pictured above are by culinary whizz Sarah Toohey), native floral centrepieces by Georgie Boucher, ivy stolen from the neighbours' fence (shhh..) and candles from Ikea.

I usually keep gratuitous images of my own work and/or social life well away from The Design Files... but today is a bit of an exception! Last week my friend Gavin and I hosted a Christmas/Hanukkah dinner party extravaganza for 18 of our closest friends... we're both prone to slightly crazy creative ideas.... so needless to say the event was art-directed to perfection :)

Somehow we conjoured up this crazy theme which involved a very long table in the park, a ridiculous amount of white fabric, 18 mismatched chairs, screenprinted tuxedo bibs (which also acted to tie each guest in to their seat at the table), top hats for every guest, and costume accessories hanging above the table for DIY outfit customisation!

...finishing touches at the table

nearly there...

Guests are seated and tied in with screenprinted tuxedo bibs...

DIY costume customisation at the dinner table

...more DIY accesories - moustaches, beards, glasses and lapel flowers

Top hats! (That's my creative partner in crime Gavin Youngs in the top image chatting to the lovely Miss Leski...)

Freedom! After dinner everyone is cut free from the table...

Big thanks to all the favourites who attended and made it such a special evening... especially the amazing contributing chefs, the gorgeous Miss Leski and Michael for 300-odd photos(!), and also to the extremely talented Georgie B for the stunning floral centrepieces. And extra-special hugs to my partner in these crazy antics Gavin Youngs - we make a good team!

Phew. I need a lie down.

ps) I think I might take a little blog break for Christmas day... see you all again next week! x

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dean Kaufman

Goodness me. I skipped a day. :( Really struggling for time right now! Agggh.

These beautiful images by US photographer Dean Kaufman make me want to learn how to take photos properly.

White, white and more white. Love.

ps) Dean Kaufman is also the photographer behind this INCREDIBLE BOOK about the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC, designed by famed Japanese architects SANAA. (Seriously and permanently on my Amazon wishlist...)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Knitting Graffiti

Hey hey. I can only apologise. I have just worked a 13 hour day and am too exhausted to write a proper post. Also I had an interview lined up with a very exciting Melbourne-based fashion design duo, but a last minute hold-up means I can't share it with you just yet...

So today just a photo and a link :) Hope that's ok.

Knitting graffiti! More great examples/images and a little video with the very talented culprits here. (Thanks Marni!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jane Gillings

Bowerbird by Jane Gillings

Look a little closer... this playful sculpture by Sydney artist Jane Gillings is made entirely of recycled plastic packaging - from plastic pen casings to bottle tops and cable ties.

Gillings was the darling of Sydney's ever-popular 'Sculpture by the Sea' last year, with 'Wreath', her cheerful installation of colourful flowers, each intricately created from recycled plastic (images below). I am often frustrated by the over-use of the term 'bowerbird', frequently used by interiors/design magazines in describing the current stylist / artist / decorator of the month.... However in Gillings' case the term couldn't be more appropriate :)

Gillings work is extremely varied and includes more traditional drawings, paintings and printmaking as well as the popular recent assemblage and sculptural pieces. For more info and images do check out her website and blog.

Wreath - detail, from Sculpture by the Sea 2007

A couple of Gillings' flowers from the Wreath installation. Left - Measure of Success features the ubiquitous family home surrounded by a white picket fence (and 'in a leafy suburb' too, Gillings point out!). Right - Bo Peep calls out to her sheep as they hide amongst the cable-tie grass. Her skirt is made from the trap in a Mouse Trap board game!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Elina Minn

Spotted this stunning paper installation on the Oh Joy blog...

It's the creation of US artist Elina Minn... I've just been trawling her website and discovering so many other beautiful pieces worth sharing! Love the collage and naive sketches.... Gorgeous gorgeous. More of her work below.