Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas / Hanukkah extravaganza

A table for 18 in the park

Food by everyone (the dolmades pictured above are by culinary whizz Sarah Toohey), native floral centrepieces by Georgie Boucher, ivy stolen from the neighbours' fence (shhh..) and candles from Ikea.

I usually keep gratuitous images of my own work and/or social life well away from The Design Files... but today is a bit of an exception! Last week my friend Gavin and I hosted a Christmas/Hanukkah dinner party extravaganza for 18 of our closest friends... we're both prone to slightly crazy creative ideas.... so needless to say the event was art-directed to perfection :)

Somehow we conjoured up this crazy theme which involved a very long table in the park, a ridiculous amount of white fabric, 18 mismatched chairs, screenprinted tuxedo bibs (which also acted to tie each guest in to their seat at the table), top hats for every guest, and costume accessories hanging above the table for DIY outfit customisation!

...finishing touches at the table

nearly there...

Guests are seated and tied in with screenprinted tuxedo bibs...

DIY costume customisation at the dinner table

...more DIY accesories - moustaches, beards, glasses and lapel flowers

Top hats! (That's my creative partner in crime Gavin Youngs in the top image chatting to the lovely Miss Leski...)

Freedom! After dinner everyone is cut free from the table...

Big thanks to all the favourites who attended and made it such a special evening... especially the amazing contributing chefs, the gorgeous Miss Leski and Michael for 300-odd photos(!), and also to the extremely talented Georgie B for the stunning floral centrepieces. And extra-special hugs to my partner in these crazy antics Gavin Youngs - we make a good team!

Phew. I need a lie down.

ps) I think I might take a little blog break for Christmas day... see you all again next week! x


  1. Wow - this is FANTASTIC! Would love to see more of your work here on your blog! Have been enjoying your blog all year - haven't commented but had to on this post!!I know you contacted me earlier in the year too! Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh Wow thanks so much for your lovely comments!

    Anna - so great to hear from you! Of course I'm a regular visitor to your blog too... Thanks so much for your lovely comments about our crazy stylised party! I will try to share more of my own projects here from now on!

    Teresa - Thanks so much! I think we made quite an impression on the locals - lots of funny looks and people beeping their car horns at us etc!

    Desiree - Thanks so much for your comment! It was quite a lot of prep work but worth is just for everyone's reaction :)

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas! x

  3. Oh man, this is an amazing feat - it looks awesome!! Nice work darl, your guests must have been blown away. Now I know what you needed the screen printing for!

    Hope you're having a great Christmas break - it's soooo so good to just stop & wind down for a bit (although as soon as I did I got a yucky cold - ironic huh!). Take care and see you in the new year!

  4. Oh Lara thanks for your lovely comment :) So great to get your feedback! Yes got the screenprints done by Dale... thanks so much for your recommendation!

    Yes the guests were quite excited! Everyone had their cameras out all night.. and apparently it's all over their facebook pages! (I'm not on the facebook wagon yet!).

  5. I think is one of the most fabulous things my eyes have seen! Just SO imaginative & clever!

  6. ooohh Camilla thanks for your kind words! :)

    My friend Gavin and I had a lot of fun dreaming it up! :) I wish I had time to make every social occasion this memorable!


  7. I'm smiling and laughing all the way through your post. LOVE IT! What a fantastic team you two are!

  8. This looks like so much fun! Love the bib and costume idea.