Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jane Gillings

Bowerbird by Jane Gillings

Look a little closer... this playful sculpture by Sydney artist Jane Gillings is made entirely of recycled plastic packaging - from plastic pen casings to bottle tops and cable ties.

Gillings was the darling of Sydney's ever-popular 'Sculpture by the Sea' last year, with 'Wreath', her cheerful installation of colourful flowers, each intricately created from recycled plastic (images below). I am often frustrated by the over-use of the term 'bowerbird', frequently used by interiors/design magazines in describing the current stylist / artist / decorator of the month.... However in Gillings' case the term couldn't be more appropriate :)

Gillings work is extremely varied and includes more traditional drawings, paintings and printmaking as well as the popular recent assemblage and sculptural pieces. For more info and images do check out her website and blog.

Wreath - detail, from Sculpture by the Sea 2007

A couple of Gillings' flowers from the Wreath installation. Left - Measure of Success features the ubiquitous family home surrounded by a white picket fence (and 'in a leafy suburb' too, Gillings point out!). Right - Bo Peep calls out to her sheep as they hide amongst the cable-tie grass. Her skirt is made from the trap in a Mouse Trap board game!


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