Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20's graphics for NYE in Melbourne

Did you see this ad on the back of the 'M Magazine' in the Sunday Age on the weekend...? Must admit I am usually not the biggest fan of art deco styling (shock horror!) but I do love these graphics! The bold geometric shapes and faceted diamond in the centre especially... it's a really attention-grabbing design.

I don't, however, have $355 (or $600!) to spend on New Years Eve so unfortunately this was little wasted on me :) (actually, the more current info on the website is promoting tickets at $100 so perhaps not too excessive if you're up for a posh NYE in Melbourne!). For more info try here.


  1. See, that would have caught my attention - even more so because I got The House of Elliott on DVD for Christmas and am up to episode nine of the first series. Love, love, love 1920s fashion.

  2. yes i love it too, even the colours that i wouldn't normally like i love together here. do you know who it's by?

  3. Hey miss Crackernuts.. thanks again for your comment :) I used to absolutely love House of Elliot when it was on TV! Beautiful styling... Evie was my favourite!

    Great theme for a party I must admit.

    Imogen thanks also for your comment... I agree the colours are surprising but they did work quite well in the print version :)

    I was trying to figure out who designed these graphics but no joy! sorry!

  4. I saw this ad to and like you am not usually a fan of the retro, but maybe because there hasn't been too much around recently I did take a moment to read it... but I must admit the $355 and $600 price tags went beyond my NYE budget. Instead we had a great 'free' family night at Fed Sqre.

  5. All those hefty fees must be going to fund that rather brilliant ad. ;D

  6. OMG how funny, my co-worker designed the ad! I'm serious! She was stressing heaps over the moustache.

    I'll tell her that you like her work :)

  7. Hey Suzie thanks so much for letting me know! I loved this ad and couldn't find out who designed it anywhere! :)

    I'll update the post if the designed wants me to add her name :)

    Lucy x