Monday, December 29, 2008

Dean Kaufman part 2

How could I forget this image when I posted about Dean Kaufman last week? It is perhaps my favourite one of all.

The Prada building in Tokyo I think...? And all white, again.

Love it. :)


  1. LOVE your site Lucy - a visual extravaganza....I could easily OD! :-)
    Melbourne is my favourite city - was just there in November (my blog almost entirely Melbourne in Nov)so it's good to know all this creativeness is 'close at hand.'

  2. Oh Adrienne thanks so much for your lovely comment! :) I must check out your Melbourne photos... must agree with you, it is a truly lovely place to live...

    Mind you I am currently in Sydney for NYE and it's pretty stunning up here! Sparkling blue water and beautiful weather.... ahhh.