Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lena Corwin Love

I've posted about Lena Corwin before... her textile and illustration work is simple yet stunning... her blog is an inspiration.... her Flickr site is a treasure trove of picture perfect moments (even photos of her breakfast muesli look too perfect to eat)... but her HOME in Forte Greene, Brooklyn really takes the cake! It is like Amelie meets New York! It is just what I imagined - beautifully serene, homely and warm, slightly Scandinavian in its aesthetic and filled with personal touches - but clean and uncluttered....

ooooohhhh. *swoon*

You must go look. (I only wish there were more photos...)

(via Apartment Therapy)


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  2. thank you for the lovely comments!

    i wish i could have shared more photos too. when leah asked me about doing a house tour, i said i was unfortunately too busy to take new photos, but could pull together from the photos i already have. i've read in the comments on AT that people are disappointed not to see more of our house, and i feel bad! oh well, what can you do?! :)

  3. Hey Lena... don't feel bad! It must be quite a lot of work preparing and cleaning your whole house in preparation for these photos... I'm not surprised you didn't have time!

    I remember listening to a designsponge podcast a while back and Grace said she was talking to you and Rena Thom I think at your place? I always imagined what it would look like... I remember Grace was raving about it at the time! so it was lovely to get some glimpses... :) Thanks for sharing your home with so many people! x