Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mike Lemanski

Mike Lemanski is a recent graduate of Graphic Media Communication. He is apparently looking for work in the UK. I found him via heavy-backpack and I think his work is GREATtimelessOLDSCHOOLoriginalSTRIKINGcrispANDdifferent. And just generally not the work you would expect from a recent graduate. That's all. Maybe you should go and look at his site! yes I think you definitely should.

AND if you are in London and have a fantastic graphic-type job to give someone maybe you should call him up.


  1. hi lucy
    my name is kitty. I found you through a comment on meet me at mikes. Your blog has some great posts. I also know Amber and her lovely little family, her partner Jim hangs out with my partner at the workshop, building motorbikes. it's a small world isn't it.

  2. oooh hello!
    I am constantly surprised at how small Melbourne is! Actually I used to work for Amber's partner Jim.. and my fella Gordon is also a good mate of his... so it's probably likely I have met you... or Gord has met you or your partner at some stage at Jim and Amber's... maybe? funny!

    Thanks so much for visited my blog and for saying hello... I will bookmark you and add a link to you too :)

    Lucy x