Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Leffler Leather Merchants

Leffler are the largest leather supplier in Australia. They're an odd bunch - sometimes surly, sometimes super-helpful, but the best thing about Leffler is that no job is too big or too small. They're a wholesaler, but they also sell to the public, and have no minimum purchase amount. So whether you're making a cat collar, or upholstering an entire Qantas airfleet, Leffler are your one-stop shop.

Those in the know will have visited the old Leffler's in York st South Melbourne... it was a rickety old building, bursting at the seams with eyelets and rivets, leather strapping, hides, snakeskins, belt buckles... and everything inbetween. It's always had an incredible range - and fantastic prices... but it was a higgedly piggedly mess. You would have to jostle past the cowboy-types buying their saddlery and horsey accessories, and squeeze down the aisles past the indecisive fashion students selecting the perfect snakeskin for their end-of-year folios... nothing had a price on it, and everything was stored in tatty cardboard boxes, piled precariously high on every available surface.

BUT what you may not know is that Leffler moved in December 07 to a FANTASTIC new warehouse in West Melbourne. It is like a massive, white, bright aeroplane hangar, with all the same products we've come to know Leffler for... but so super neat, tidy and organised, you won't recognise the place.

They don't mind if you just want to browse, so don't be scared to pop in next time you're heading west... you won't be disappointed!

(If you don't get a chance to drop in anytime soon, you can order a catalogue online, and purchase by phone/fax/email and they'll mail your goods out to you.)

Leffler Leather Merchants
171 Kensington rd
West Melbourne 3003

freecall(!) - 1800 337 006


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