Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lena Corwin and Mina Perhonen

fabric and textiles by Mina Perhonen, via Lena Corwin

Lena Corwin is a designer and illustrator working in Brooklyn, New York. Her blog is a daily ritual for me... she has a fantastic eye for detail, and her site always seems to have a calm, peaceful aura about it. It feels like a little oasis amidst all the chaos and distraction of the internet! There's just something a little magical about it...

One of Lena's recent posts includes a photograph of a gorgeous little bag by Japanese textiles/fashion house Mina Perhonen.

I first heard of Mina Perhonen in an article in Idn magazine a few years back now. The brand was started by Akira Minigawa, who is still the chief designer for the label. The special thing about Mina Perhonen is their use of original textiles, designed in house. These unique fabrics then form the basis for the clothing range each season.

Mina Perhonen textiles are so varied and use fantastic colours... Their site is mainly in Japanese but its worth fumbling around blindly to discover shots of their gorgeous fabrics, clothing and accessories...


  1. thanks for this lovely post lucy!
    having my name in the same sentence as mina perhonen is always a good thing... :)

    i've bookmarked your blog. looking forward to future posts!

  2. oh I'm a bit starstruck! :) thanks so much Lena... so lovely to get a comment from you!