Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Loop

Thank God You're Here sets - styled by me! Finally online thanks to The Loop!

Photographer Steve Baccon is on The Loop. Love his celebrity portraits... really nice work.

Pics from stylist Sibella Court's profile... (sorry no photographer credits are on them)

OK so I don't know about you guys, but I seem to have a list of new years resolutions as long as my arm... and one of those things I've been meaning to do forever is make a folio website. I keep planning to make a super-spiffy professionally designed site.... but, to avoid the risk of leaving it on the backburner for another 3 years... I have taken the plunge and set up a little profile on The Loop!

The Loop is a brand spanking new Australian-based folio building / job networking site for creative professionals... and I'm really impressed with it. It's well designed, simple and easy to use, and best of all, it's entirely free to set up your profile and start posting your images, showreel and resume. It's the brainchild of very clever Sydney-based marketing / digital interaction brainiacs Pip Jamieson and Matt Fayle - great work! I'm sure they will be millionaires by at least August :)

But really, the best bit is that if you pop over to The Loop and get started now - you'll have yourself a folio site within 30 mins. What other new years resolution can you tick off whilst it's still January!?

Lots of interesting peeps are already using The Loop - stylist Sibella Court, photographer Steve Baccon, and um... me? (but not much is up there yet... got many more to add - hey you gotta start somewhere!).


  1. awesome resource, thanks for posting!

  2. hey Lucy, thanks for the info - it IS a nice site. i shall be creating one also :)

  3. hey, love your work!
    will have to check out the loop.

  4. great resource. and better to have something out there than nothing. its funny how things for ourselves always go on the back burning and our good intentions take so long to become reality. thanks for sharing i will be having a closer look around! lovely to see your work too... you should post more of it here we would love to see : )

  5. great, thanks for the link - a fantastic idea and fantastic resource. I will be creating an online folio soon.