Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Country Trader

The Country Trader showroom in Sydney

My favourite pieces - these French 19th Century circular windows, now turned into incredible mirrors. SO Beautiful!

Colourful contemporary metal outdoor furniture made from re-purposed forged iron oil-drums with original paintwork.

Last time I came to Sydney the fabulous Megan Morton insisted I check out The Country Trader at the PYD design centre in Waterloo. 'Country Trader?' I thought? It sounded like some kind of twee Laura Ashley / Early Settler hybrid... but how wrong I was! I visited again today and was once again swept up in the theatrical magic and sheer grandeur of this incredible emporium!

The Country Trader is a huge retail showroom chock-full of grand European antiques, artwork, eclectic ceramics, pottery and glassware, re-purposed antique relics such as doors, gates and mirrors, crumbling stone statues and water features, and the most unexpected oddities - like a 19th Century French timber squirrel cage in the style of a grand turreted doll's house (complete with original functional spinning hamster wheel!). They also do reproduction furniture in keeping with their very grandiose European style. It is all AMAZING. This isn't even a style I particularly crave in my own home, but to see so many incredible treasures styled so perfectly in this environment is really breathtaking.

Everything is, like, $20,000. (Well, that's not really true, small things like crystal glassware and candlesticks start at around $100, and I did also see a bookshelf which was $200,000). But still definitely worth a visit if you're in Sydney! (If not, they have an extensive online catalogue showcasing much of their current stock).

Ps) The Country Trader also host events in their incredible showroom... many gorgeous photos here!

Country Trader events... beautiful!

A recent Alice in Wonderland-themed event at The Country Trader showroom (sorry for the bad quality pic!)


  1. I know ! The Country Trader is a riot for the senses and window shopping is the perfect tag - it can be eyewateringly expensive

  2. those dressmaking/tailoring forms are creepy and awesome.