Thursday, January 14, 2010

Via Alley

Lovely puffy Porter Tanker Boston Bag, also from Japan, available from Via Alley

Key Calendar, which if I am not mistaken was designed by cult Japanese design house Nendo?

Via Alley is a super-cool shop in Sydney which also has a very good online store. Look at all these awesomely fabulous things you can buy from there...! Polka-dot Japanese Tabi shoes on sale!? Hello!

Very Cool Hunting. Without the hunting.

Super-cute little alien-esque solar ball lights - only $25 each!? How fabulous. Where were these when I was buying stocking-fillers last month?


  1. love love. but do't buy their 2K womens tshirts. the prints are great but the shirts are incredibly poor quality and you will be most disappointed after first wash.

  2. hmm.. prob no coincidence that i received their monthly newsletter this morning then! now i'm forced to order one of the i-stands in white (of course!).
    hey lucy - have you thought about adding a search function on your site? makes it easier for us loyal readers to go back and find things from way back - you're so prolific in your coverage it seems a shame that once they're off your main page old posts are hard to find.

  3. lucy

    I read your blog everyday as I drink my coffee and eat my nuts/yoghurt. It's such a wonderful way to start a day.


  4. The polkadot shoes are so cute! Me wants! Thanks for linking that site really!

  5. Wow - do you think those Tabi shoes are actually comfortable? Cute but I'd look like I had alien feet!

    Jetsetting Joyce