Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liz Wilson

Duvel beer packaging design by Liz Wilson - RMIT Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) 2008.

More fab packaging design by Liz Wilson - RMIT Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) 2008.

The Weavery catalogue and info booklet by Liz Wilson

'80 and Not Out!' - A community project ; a collection of eight personal interviews compiled by Bettina Guthridge, designed and illustrated by Liz Wilson.

'80 and Not Out!' - designed and illustrated by Liz Wilson.

Lovely Memories book by Liz Wilson

It's no wonder Melbourne-based fledgling graphic designer Liz Wilson landed her dream job at Ortolan graphic design studio within 8 months of finishing uni! I mean... just look at her beautiful work! (Most of what you see here is Liz's uni folio work, along with some personal projects.) Is it not seriously gorgeous?

Whilst in her final year of uni, Liz participated in the Craft Victoria careers event Making Out: Speed Dating, in which recent graduates have a chance to meet with industry mentors. Here Liz met Ortolan principal (and Michi Girl creator) Chloe Quigley (who is, btw, ridiculously lovely). Liz was later offered an internship at Ortolan... and soon after found herself on the payroll as Ortolan's junior graphic designer! Yippee! What an inspiring little success story!

...But Liz's talents are not limited only to graphic design and dream-job-landing(!!) - she also makes stunning ceramics! (multi-talented or what?).

Ceramics by Liz Wilson, 2009.

Liz also has a truly gorgeous blog, and there is a great little interview with her over here at the Craft Victoria blog!

Love your work Liz!

Tadao Ando catalogue design - RMIT uni assignment


  1. I cannot believe my own eyes! Liz is so incredibly talented. It is so wonderful to see the work of such passionate and creative young designers. Thank you for sharing Lucy.

    Btw, I have been a huge fan of your blog for a very long time now. It is in fact your blog that got me into following many others and ultimately start a blog of my own. I would really love to hear you feedback when and if you get a moment to have a look at it. Here's a link - yellowtrace.com.au/blog

    Thanks again Lucy for your daily inspiration and so much more.

    x dana

  2. With a bro-in-law in design, I appreciate the folio breadth; I'd like to know where I can buy those ceramics!

  3. wow so jealous! that is my dream job! but she is incredibly (multi)talented too so not doubt deserves it.

  4. what a talent! and what a story. wishing you all the best, liz, good on you for getting out there and getting your work seen so soon out of uni. wish i had that gumption when i was a spring chicken!!!! well done, juicy lucy, in bringing a new talent to our attention. love it. x

  5. what a talent! LOVE the book designs!! congrats liz on the amazing job too. i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future x

  6. oh wow! go Liz and what a wonderful post Lucy!

    we sure do miss Liz here at CV... ah those were the days.


  7. Wow - What an amazing designer, such a strong & diverse portfolio - thanks for the inspiration Lucy,