Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Melbourne Home - Donna Zimbardi

Donna Zimbardi has the best kitchen in Melbourne. You heard it here first.

Super long Mark Tuckey dining table, Original Eames DCM chairs and a sweet collection of tiny crystal vases filled with flowers by Donna's daughter Lucia!

Dulux 'Tadpole' walls(!), 'From Minamikoshigaya' artwork by Australian artist Marcel Cousins, and a few of Donna's re-purposed glassware candelabra! Beautiful!

Lucia's super girly bedroom! LOVE it.

Great wall decals and vibrant bedlinen in Lucia's bedroom

Remy's bedroom - love those space invader wall decals on the dusty denim blue wall.

Do you know what I learnt from the very informative reader survey that you lovely peeps helped me out with in December? I learnt that what you really, really wanna see more of, is Melbourne Homes! I don't blame you - there really is nothing like snooping around in someone else's gorgeous house is there?

WELL you'll be pleased to know that one of my new years resolutions is to post a new Melbourne home every single week. Aggh!! To be totally honest with you, I have absolutely no idea how I will achieve this, but, you know, apparently you should put these things out there and the universe will provide. So, Universe, send me some more Melbourne Homes!

We're kicking things off today with the beeeeautiful St Kilda home of Donna Zimbardi and family. Wowsers is it not the most gorgeously perfect family home??

Donna is one busy lady. She's got two kids to wrangle and a business she runs from home - she and her husband own and manage Aquabelle, three beautiful holiday apartments on the beach in Rye. When she's not manning the phones for Aquabelle, Donna also has a passion for all things handmade - her brilliant candelabra made from carefully selected vintage glassware are available from The Cool Room in Carlisle st if you're interested!

I LOVE the brave colour choices in the Zimbardi home - Dulux 'tadpole' in the kitchen and Lucia's brilliant pink walls especially! But I think what makes this house super special are Donna's handmade flourishes in every room - from the floating paper 'clouds' in the loungeroom (made from cupcake wrappers - genius!), to her exquisite glassware creations. These unique pieces give the house a sense of lighthearted fun and personality... and, well, they just make you smile!

ALSO I love the super long Mark Tuckey dining table
ALSO I love the original Eames DCM chairs
ALSO I love the fun decals in the kid's bedrooms
ALSO I love the fabulous but un-fussy art collection - the work of local artists hangs alongside vintage posters and of course, paintings by Donna's two kids!

Thanks Donna for sharing your beautiful home! xxx

Sun-filled living room, and 'St Kilda' painting by Ross Tamlin.

Donna's gorgeous floating paper 'clouds', and cute little colour co-ordinated collection in the loungeroom (green ceramic bunny, cute crystalware and a quokka skull from Rottnest Island where Donna grew up!)

Things things. Love the union jack cushion!

Vintage poster bought on holiday in Nice, France. ('scuse the reflection!)

Donna's bedroom - muted grey, black and white and a splash of yellow!

A few little friends on the mantlepiece in the master bedroom.

Donna's home is filled with glassware and crystal scavenged from local op shops and ebay!... This watermelon pinky one is a stunner!

Beautiful simple white bathroom - love the clean contemporary styling with old-school claw foot bath.

Home office - here Donna manages the accommodation at Aquabelle.

More of Donna's glassware - love these shapes!

Outdoor area - love the slate grey pavers, Magnolia trees, YELLOW umbrella (love it!), and... yeah, a POOL! Dreamhouse alert.


  1. Sweet Digs!

    Would love to know where those wall decals came from???? :)

    Looking forward to peeks into more Melbourne peeps home's.

  2. Love the Melbourne homes,and that they've managed to incorporate a giant jr train tix into their kitchen! Good on you for working towards what your readers want! Will try and control my home envy while reading!!

  3. What a fabulous home, love the dining table, and what a space saving idea - bench one side and chairs the other. Thanks for sharing your home Donna, and well done Lucy xo

  4. Gorgeously refreshing home! Thanks Lucy. Do you know where the Pac Man decals came from?

  5. Love Donna's place... especially the paint colour choices - perfect!

  6. Thanks for your comments guys! Donna is very touched!

    RE: Decals - she got them from a store in NY called 'Tomato' something?

    BUT she found this link to share which are pretty close!

  7. oh so glad the reader have spoken and we have a melb home sneak peak!

    this is amazing, and perfect and the exact inspiration I need right about now.

    I am obsessing over styling in my home, and this just shows to me that keeping it simple, with only the things you love (and in this case, the interests are the same, art, books, vintage glass) then you just cannot go wrong.

    Thank you so much lovely! you did a great job with this one!

    Renee xxx

  8. oh wow, too many amazing things! so lovely.

  9. This one's gorgeous. I LOVE the St Kilda painting.

  10. such a goodie. love the girlie room, very sweet. and the gorgeous candelabras and green bunny have my heart : ) but the kitchen dinning table and chairs is my biggest donna envy!! hehe nice one lucy!

  11. What a gorgeous home. Thank you for sharing Donna!

    Good luck with your weekly 'real' home feature Lucy. Something I will very much enjoy. Hope it all works out.

  12. Amazing. I LOVE the Marcel Cousins artwork.

  13. What a awesome home!

    My fav is the mirrored splashback, perfect home for this.

  14. Hi Lucy! Ive squizzed your blog a couple of times since i returned from a few years of travelling. I could be wrong but I have just had a flashback and I think we used to be friends on Livejournal? I was (Dont look too close, they were early blogging days). We used to talk about our job frustrations and such. If it is you..congrats on creating such a great blog!

    All the best, Holly

  15. Ahh i knew it! Seems we both have a pretty good memory.

    Yes, well I just returned to Sydney town. Finding my feet job wise at the moment, trying to update my blog more regularly and get back in touch with Australian Design. Keep up the great work :)


  16. Wow, I'm so impressed.
    Your loving husband and children xxx
    Didn't realise we lived in such wonderful arty surrounds until I saw the wonderful pics from Lucy.
    Way to go honey!

  17. STUNNING home! Its massive!

    And thanks so much for listening to your readers. Its so great to see some awesome houses around.

    Our place is a work in progress but it will definitely be worth putting on your blog one day...just for the building's 'bones' alone hehe :-D

  18. wow, this is all a bit delicious, isn't it? absolutely gorgeous.
    and a melb home every week, ms lucy?? as a reader that sounds like heaven, as a blogger, that sounds like waaa-aaaa-yy too much work!!! (don't overdo it on our behalf!) xx

  19. Wonderful!! Looking forward to more home tours too. This is fast becoming one of favourite places to visit online. Gorgeous blog. x

  20. Aah! I love this.

    As a fellow Melbourneite who's only *just* stumbled upon you, I must say it feels good to finally see and read some info and see pictures of relevant, local things. You're amazing!