Monday, January 18, 2010

Bodega wall art at Third Drawer Down

Barry McGee Bodega Artwork from Third Drawer Down

Steve Harrington Bodega wall art

Third Drawer Down
just keep on surprising me with their awesomely fabulous things - they always seem to find the most amazing new products that you just don't see anywhere else!

Case in point - These brilliant new vinyl wall art decals from the US, featuring the work of fab international artists such as Barry McGee!

Bodega is a curated collection of large scale, eco-friendly, temporary indoor art. The concept is to make the art of emerging and established artists affordable and available to the public. Each piece is purchased ready-to-apply, and comes with tools for installation.

These pieces are created using eco-friendly inks and vinyl to create layered die-cut decals that can be applied to any flat surface. They should last 5 years in one spot, and are low-tack so that they can be removed without damaging the wall if you move!

Love it. a LOT.

Third Drawer Down
93 George st

ph. 9534 4088

(also available online)


  1. wow these are so super! perfect for renters who arent 'supposed' to put any more holes/hooks in the walls ; )

  2. What a fantastic concept! I've always loved wall stickers but usually think they're a little small. These are just amazing, and perfect if you're renting too!

  3. I love those two wooden tables/stools infront of the red wall art pic. They are precious!

  4. Love the last large black circular design. Congrats on the Good Weekend feature - you look great !