Monday, January 11, 2010

Helium Eternal

'Helium Eternal' balloons by Clementine Henrion - photos Joan Braun

I learnt a somewhat disturbing fact the other day. Helium is running out. Seriously!

I, too, was disbelieving, but after a bit of googling, it was confirmed that earth's helium reserves are being depleted so rapidly, that supplies could be gone within eight years! Aggh!

Whilst there are many scientific concerns about this imminent helium shortage... my first thought was - NO MORE HELIUM BALLOONS!? Tragedy!

Luckily, Frenchie Clementine Henrion has an alternative! These 'Helium Eternal' balloons aren't balloons at all... The illusion is created as a soft-sculpture, entirely made of fancy fabric and stuffed like a soft pillow. Which means of course that Helium Eternal balloons don't float, but have to be invisibly suspended using fishing line.

The upside - Helium Eternal balloons can become a permanent fixture of your home! Imagine a gorgeous sparkly custom balloon in your child's bedroom! (although, on the downside, it won't help re-create this beautiful idea!)

All these pieces are delicately handmade in Clementine’s workshop in Paris, in limited edition. Special custom shapes can also be created on request. Available on Etsy here.

ps) Thanks Sophie for the Helium tip-off...! ...And Toohey for the Helium Eternal link! x


  1. oww cuteness overload. love them

  2. No helium, OMG that is weird to think of - maybe we should form a save the helium society, ha! Love the pastel rainbow - too cute.

  3. cute! love that striped heart.

  4. i really like these - so great! and what a strange thing, no more helium... the last place i expected to hear of the unsustainable depletion of natural resources was in the party balloon department!

  5. phew, i guess there's no hurry to make babies anymore. that's a relief. these are cute.

  6. I love these balloons so much and am glad to know where they came from now. I also enjoy your blog :)

  7. that's so tragic! I suppose I should hurry up and have children so they'll be able to enjoy the awesomeness that balloons are, so they won't be looking through old photos one day and say "mamma, what are THOSE floating THINGS?!"