Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Romance alert! - Guy Shield's unique illustrated marriage proposal

Incredible illustrations by Guy Shield

You guys know I love great illustration. You may not know that I am also a massive sucker for old-fashioned schmoopy romance... (not that I get much personally!) So this wonderful project by Melbourne illustrator Guy Shield really made my day yesterday! It is SO awesome!

Great illustration + Romance = Guy's latest project - a unique and brilliant marriage proposal!

What a lucky lady! Read the full story here! (brought a little tear to my eye...!)

You should also check out Guy Shield's excellent folio here. Oh, and I just noticed that on his Blogger profile, Guy is apparently just 27. Jeepers.

via Jeremy Wortsman - aka Mr Jacky Winter


  1. Yes, I agree, I saw this on Twitter yesterday, it's ridiculously gorgeous. I'm glad you've put it on your blog – it's the sweetest proposal ever. They're a lucky couple indeed.
    Lee Tran

  2. Ahhh, the curse of going out with a guy who is "good with his hands" ie builds cool stuff usually means he's crap at the romance side of things!! This piece is soooo beautiful, thanks for showing it to us romance-starved gals!

  3. oh my poor little heart. that is so lovely.

  4. OK - THATS the best proposal story I have ever heard!

  5. Great post Lucy!! Love it, very talented illustrator, unique style. Kudos to him for the proposal!

  6. That's gorgeous! So good to know a blog which shows the "design side" of Melbourne! :)