Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lulamae pop-up shop in Melbourne Central - by Breathe Architects

Just can't get enough of the pop-up shop at the moment can we? Brunswick-based Breathe Architects have just designed this fabulous one for fashion boutique Lulamae, which just popped up in Melbourne Central this week. Very cute! I really love the tall buildings drawn on the exterior, and the cut-out windows!

On closer inspection, Breathe Architects have a lot of great and quite varied work to their name - including everyone's favourite 'not-so-secret-anymore' cafe - Seven Seeds, and it's smaller CBD sibling, Brother Baba Budan.

OH and they also have a ridiculously cute website.

The fabulous Seven Seeds in Carlton


  1. I love the Breath Architects site Lucy - Aussie homes really are breathtaking when they are this well designed - seriously envious!

  2. That pop up shop will make a fantastic cubby house for a lucky kid!

    Jetsetting Joyce

  3. I've been wanting to go to 7 seeds for ages but never get to that part of the city anymore (wishing for my Melb uni days again!)...

    Will have to pop by to see this amazing pop-up store - thanks!

  4. What a great site!! Its so simple yet showcases their work in a really interesting and effective way! I love their office...its amazing with rustic feel and its so open!!

  5. Funny, I was just about to press 'upload' and I saw you had covered Breathe, too! "Great minds", I guess?! It is a clever project that definitely deserves lots of attention. Jeremy has done such great work turning flat cardboard sheets into a 3-D boutique wonder.
    Lee Tran