Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Melbourne Home - Kirsty of Kootoyoo!

Kirsty's kitchen, featuring her hand-made pendant lampshades... super-clever!

Shelves with cute things...

Lovely light-filled living area. And... does something look familiar..? Kirsty snuck down to 20th Century Scandinavia and snapped up that 'Prince' lamp after my little post here! Nice work!

Today finally I get to share another gorgeous Melbourne home! Yippee! This gorgeous place is the home of Melbourne blogger, crafter and Mum - Kirsty of Kootoyoo! Kirsty and her family have only just moved into their fabulous brand new house... and so I've been anxiously waiting for the past few weeks to share these photos! :) I am super impressed that her place already looks so fab, even though they've only just moved in! (My place still has cardboard boxes in the corner of the living room, ummmm, 2+ yrs later..!?)

Kirsty is one of those incredible busy Mums who seems to somehow find the time to hand-craft many of the gorgeous items you see throughout her home (including lampshades, if you don't mind!). Not only that, Kirsty shares tutorials of many of her fantastic craft projects here on her blog! (So you, too, can be one of those impressively crafty Mums!). I particularly love her recent collaborative quilt project..! Sheesh. How does she find the time!?

Kirsty gives and receives blog-love left, right and centre... you might have spotted her before on Whip-Up, Meet me at Mikes, Loobylu... and many more Melbourne bloggy crafty places. She's one popular lady!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful new home with us Kirsty! You can see more of Kirsty's home and her crafty projects on her blog and her Flickr. (And Etsy, sometimes, but not right now at this very moment...)

Chairs, chairs more chairs (and a fair few footstools...)

Yes, it's a designated craft room!

More designated craft room. So tidy. So big. swoon.

Lovely details... top - a collection of gorgeousness from Kirsty's bedroom - prints by Tsk Tsk, Geninne Zlatkis and Aunty Cookie, bottom left - Cricketelle(?) from Arthur's Circus, green things in the lovely new bathroom!

Thrifted treasures on the bookshelves

Omigod. Has purple velvet ever looked so good?

Ok I cheated, these shots are from Kirsty's old house. But I really like to show people's desks!

'Small girl bedroom', with prints by Loobylu

Gumball machines from The Mill Markets, fairy lights inside from The Works

Kirsty's fantastic collaborative quilt project


  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. I love it. I love the craft room, the op shop treasures, the babushkas, the furnitur, the concreat slab giving thermal mass to the back room, the quilts....Beautiful Kirsty

  3. an incredibly beautiful home ~ yay Kirsty! love that craft room {and the lights} . . .

  4. Oh Lucy, you've made the place look so fantastic. Thank you!

  5. This is so good, love a house full of bits and bobs you can stare at for ages. And Kirsty is my hero so basically Im gonna like anything she puts her crafty mitts to.

  6. Thanks ladies...! And thanks so much Kirsty!! :) I didn't do anything! Your shots speak for themselves... super lovely... :)

    Now I am curious... will you share which suburb your home is in? It looks so green and leafy outside each window! x

  7. OMG incredible! i am loving the red couch and foot stools. so many cool chairs and well what can i say - SUPER jealous of The Craft Room! Go Kirsty!!

  8. Oh yes...leafy green suburban Melbourne.

    "Hey boy that's Balwyn calling
    Get off the phone and get out of Balwyn"

    Thanks all for appreciating the place.

  9. love the craft!!
    you all seem like people in the know...i am after a summer comforter with a cotton or wool filling.anybody know local shops i could try?i have been told they don't really exist anymore.that can't be true!!
    thanks : )

  10. Oh yes that is one super gorgeous house! I have MAJOR house envy. Too nice for words!

  11. A beautiful HOME, totally gorgeous, thank you for the glimpse ... wow!

  12. the terrazo (sp?!) floors are incredible! pls keep them, kirsty! a beautiful home. 1940's architecture, i'm guessing - am i right? and i love those shelves and totally jealous of the orderly nature of it all...and could sink into any of those delicious chairs. loving the set of little golden books. and kirsty, if you are reading, we share that identical 'room for rent' sign, i could've sworn i got it i'm thinking it must've been industria - can you remember where your's came from? sorry for all the words, juicy lucy. keep up the great work. x

  13. Kirsty's new home is truly amazing I love it soooo much such treasures everywhere

  14. info@Kirsty, your new home is wonderful..I want to come and raid your shelves of treasures and maybe the shelves themselves....Lucy your home tours are great.

  15. Oh Kirsty I treasure your treasures.

  16. I love the shelves. The one in the craft room is the best for sure. A bit of an older look, but it appears well-made.

  17. So many wonderful items in your home! Thanks for inviting us in for a tour.

  18. Love viewing photos like this, so much to look at in these rooms, so many delights and treasures.

  19. I'm so excited for this!! I love it all, but the chair collection, concrete floors, and light flooding in make me so happy! The E A T pendants are perfect. Kirsty, it's so much more than I could have ever imagined! Thanks for a great tour, Lucy!

  20. such a spectacular home...from one very special artist! well dine

  21. OK, I know I now live in QLD...but I can't believe I've just seen this. such a great abode you have.

    thank you. this made my day....even if it is only 7 months afterwards. hee hee.