Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fab new Tapestry Pouffes by Pene Durston

One-of-a-kind tapestry pouffes by Pene Durston - this tiny pic totally doesn't do them justice. Double click for a bigger pic!

Gertrude street's Craft Queen Pene Durston (of Cottage Industry) has just made these incredibly fabulous pouffes from vintage tapestries.... They are $550 each and each is entirely one-of-a-kind. I looooove them.

Can someone puh-lease go down and buy one before I do?

Also, Pene has just re-stocked her lovely shop with all kinds of seriously great hand-made goodness - tea-towel cushions, tea-towel shoppers (my fave!), wheat bags and lavender bags, all made in the last few days. Better get cracking, people!

Cottage Industry
67 Gertrude st

Open Wed - Sat 11.00am - 6.00pm

Close-up in case you didn't enlarge that top pic! See how cool...!?

OH ps) - Pene is having a massive pre-Xmas Rumble in the Jumble Studio Sale with other super-creative ladies including Milly Sleeping and Iggy & Lou Lou... it is this coming Saturday, Dec 12th in Fitzroy... details here! There will be much great stocking-filler-up-erer goodness to be had by all.


  1. i love what pene does, the woman is a legend. her shop is like a calm oasis. x

  2. Pene is a genius - we all know that!