Thursday, December 10, 2009 directory nests!

Palas Jewellery multi-charm + chain necklace and earrings - as featured on MyBowerbird

fabulous rustic baskets a wholesale prices by 2 Ducks Trading - as featured on

Launched in June 2009, is the brainchild of Therese Cullen – a milliner, nutritionist, stylist, mother of three, wife, and busy business-woman. Therese is a country girl - however like many young country folk, she spent years living in the city (with easy access to everything stylish), before returning to life in the country with her family. With her keen eye for style, after returning home, Therese often found herself bombarded with requests from friends, family and clients to help them source everything from bathroom tiles to the latest heels from city suppliers.

‘Once a country girl gets a taste of the city and returns to her roots, it doesn’t long before the wish list is nearly as long as the drive to buy it!’, says Therese.... it's this thought which is the premise behind Mybowerbird. Therese's aim with this site is to share beautiful things and beautiful sites with the people in the country, and to develop a nice little resource to help them find what they are looking for quickly.

After trawling Therese's site for only a few minutes, I have already discovered three fantastic and instantly bookmark-able wholesalers and retailers! (products pictured here...) It really is a little treasure trove of brilliant designers, wholesale suppliers and retailers... some well-known names, and many more waiting to be discovered!

Incredible paper dress-up dolls from Mybowerbird featured seller - Petite & Belle

As much as Therese wants to bring the city closer to the country, down the track, she also hope Mybowerbird can act as a vehicle to share with the city folk creative happenings going on in the country. Watch this space!

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  1. great post, lucy, beautifully explained and written; well done, therese!