Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas and GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Oh my, another Christmas day is upon us! I'm sure you're all busily rummaging through your stockings, watching your kiddies rip open their presents in delight, and munching on delicious treats.... and you're probably very far away from your computer screen on this special day!

BUT hopefully the following 12 people will check their emails sometime this weekend... because you are the lucky winners of the Great Design Files Christmas Giveaway! (please note - I have popped you email usernames below, but have not used your full email addresses to avoid spam spiders!)

Dinosaur Designs 'Shell' salad bowl - respondent #947 - karleeslater

Summer Scarf by Ella Sanders - respondent #656 - tinalele

Notemaker stationery giftpack - respondent #625 - esta.lau

Missoni beachtowel from Safari Living - respondent #158 - carriebartonek

BYO Coffee Cups from HookTurn Industries - respondent #54 - info@lizzyc

'Lino Royale' brooch by Betty Jo - respondent #449 - kylie@aprdesign

David Shrigley doona cover set from Third Drawer Down - respondent #911 - clairec@heide

'Morning Tea' sterling silver ring set by Victoria Mason - respondent #46 - cedwards@williamsboag

Kikki.K 'Bon Voyage' travel stationery set - respondent #631 - pl.grayson1

Safe Summer Essentials pack from Bloom Cosmetics - respondent #559 bronwyn_opland

Blue signature cushion by Beci Orpin - respondent #144 - info@oneo8

Murchison-Hume prize-pack - respondent #812 - flmitchem

*Note - I use to select winners of all TDF giveaways. In this case, generated a random list of 12 numbers, between 1 and 969. Each number corresponds to a survey respondent.

Thankyou SO so much to everyone who responded to the reader survey - there were almost 1000 respondents in the end! I truly appreciate you reading and taking a moment to give me your valuable feedback. Your incredible support this year has really given me the confidence and motivation to keep posting everyday.... Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Also once again I must thank all the incredible local designers and retailers who sponsored this giveaway, offering such incredible prizes! Thankyou so much for your support!

Have a fab Christmas! xxx


  1. Merry Christmas Lucy! Yes, I'm not to far from the computer. Have a beautiful day, eat, drink and be merry! Love Estherx

  2. What an awesome Christmas Surprise. Thanks.

    and have a Merry Christmas xx

  3. Oh wow, so many entries! Lucky winners! Happy holidays xx