Sunday, December 27, 2009

Apartment Therapy Homies 2009 Nomination!

Oh goodness me... as if being included in the Times Online Top 50 Design Blogs wasn't THE most exciting thing that's happened to me all year... it appears now that someone has nominated The Design Files for Apartment Therapy's 2009 Homies awards! Thankyouuuu!

There is a catch of course - in order to make the shortlist (of just 6!) I have to win many votes. I currently have only 13 votes! (I feel this is a somewhat futile mission...?)

But ANYWAY If you have a minute I would be SO grateful if you would vote for The Design Files! Unfortunately before you can vote you have to register - boring I know... but it only takes a second! There are also so many FAB home interiors blogs listed, browsing the nominations is a great way to make some new discoveries...!

Voting closes January 6th - and on Jan 7th the winners are announced... I'll keep you posted!


  1. Hi
    Just voted for you on The Homies, but did notice that there were a few different design files up for nomination, I very nearly voted for the wrong one so you might want to point out to your readers to make sure they vote for the correct Design Files! Good Luck.

  2. Congratulations! I was nominated too to my great surprise. No chance of making it through to the next round but an achievement to be recognised and nominated.
    Well done!

  3. i put in my vote for you :)
    congratulations on such a wonderful year for TDF x

  4. Done. Hope you do well Lucy. You deserve it!

  5. hooray! another vote for you, good luck.

  6. congratulations! your blog is great - its become essential reading when the ladies and I in the design department get a sneaky moment to goggle at work!

  7. OH thanks so so much for your comments and for taking a moment to vote guys! I REALLY appreciate it!

    Tracey - yes that is a good point, I didn't realise there were those other sites on there... THANKS for letting me know!

    Thanks again freinds :) nice to see some other peeps are also on the internet this week! xx