Monday, December 7, 2009

Baker D. Chirico CBD Pop-Up!

Baker D. Chirico's CBD outpost - truly 100% AWESOME. (and how gorgeous are the sales girls?! - I am allowed to say that 'cause I know them :)

Teeny tiny delectable baked goods

The problem with being a generally enthusiastic person, is that when something really, truly, INSANELY awesome comes along... it's kind of difficult to distinguish it from everything else you usually rave about.

So I want to make this totally crystal clear - Baker D. Chirico's new pop-up outpost in the CBD is truly, 100% utterly brilliant!

- Delectably decadent, teeny-tiny baked treats? - Check.
- Fantastic picture-perfect interior fit-out? - Check.
- Bespoke wallpaper by uber-cool local designer (Misha Hollenbach of Perks and Mini) - Check.
- Obligatory super-cute sales girls (wearing fab custom printed aprons, also by PAM) - Check.

What more could anyone possibly want in a bakery?

You really must check this one out asap - I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!

Baker D. Chirico pop-up shop
24 Crossley st


Open everyday 10.00am - 7.00pm - until Christmas eve!

Fabulous bespoke wallpaper by Misha Hollenbach of Perks and Mini - Baker's famous macaroons fly like comets through the starry night sky... genius!


  1. Oh WOW! How right you are! This is unbelievably delicious and beautiful..

  2. Very, very cool interior and delicious wares!

  3. well thanks a bloody lot, ms lucy, there goes my pre-christmas diet!!! and it's in my favourite part of town too. x

  4. Oh my goodness! That looks divine – getting hungry for amazing macaroons very early in the week, and I love that space-cake wallpaper.

  5. Yeah, those girls are cute. I'm definitely getting cupcakes from there.

  6. Ho ho ho! I also went in today to take photographs, it's quite an amazing fitout. Love the Alice in Baked Goods Wonderland theme.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  7. How divine. I'm very glad we have a Chirico just down the street in Fitzroy St. St Kilda, but this one looks especially gorgeous. Just like their wares!

    Beautiful shots too!

  8. I can vouch for their fabulousness Lucy as they gave my work free treats the other day and they were DELICIOUS! an excellent marketing ploy because i will most certainly be back for another cherry danish. Yum.

  9. It's sooooo colourful!
    the shop looks delicious =p

  10. I love your enthusiasm! I think this might be worth a trip into the CBD.

  11. Awesome - might need to organise a trip to Melbourne just to visit this place!! I want one of these aprons too...

    PS: why the day job blues?

  12. I'm going to Australia this Christmas, only Sydney though.

    Absolutely dying to go to Melbourne now even just for this bakeshop!

    Take me there!!!

  13. How absolutely devine!! I will be sure to check them out, thank you for the tip off!!

  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does it get any cuter than THIS!?


  15. That is so awesome! I never would have known about that if you hadn't posted it!
    Once upon a time I was supposed to continue an apprenticeship at Baker D Chirico. They are so amazing! This shop design is so incredible. It looks better than Laduree

  16. Oh! So that's what heaven looks like!

  17. I am so sad I live in Brisbane. Sadder than usual.

  18. I went here today after my Japanese lesson on Russell Street, it's right around the corner! Luckily I only have one lesson a week and there's only two lessons left before xmas or I'd end up terribly tubby! I had one of those delicious vanilla cream puff things, I'll definitely be going back!

  19. The banana, fig and coconut cake is ace!