Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rob Ryan for Urban Outfitters

New Rob Ryan limited edition Lomo Fisheye Camera from Urban Outfitters!

Rob Ryan + limited edition Lomo Fisheye Camera + Urban Outfitters = AWESOME!!

That's all need to say really.

Oh, except also, Urban Outfitters finally ships to Australia! (Unfortunately they only do international shipping via UPS and it costs $50. Boo!!). Maybe they'll rectify that soon.

ps) if you have not heard of London-based super-famous artist Rob Ryan - I don't believe you! But if you need a reminder of just how fabulous his work is.... look here and here. :)


  1. This is possibly the most desirable thing I have seen.... EVER!

  2. Oh very cool! if you really want one I can pick one up and send it your way for much less that $50.00:-)

  3. Betty Jo - YES I KNOW!! Plus it is the perfect gift for pretty much every girl / child I know! These'll sell out in a snap I'm sure...

    Yolksy - That is SO sweet! Thankyou for the kind offer...! How lovely :) I will definitely keep this in mind! But I'm *trying* to be good and just buy Christmas gifts for others not myself this year! It's tricky! xx

  4. Ooh nice! Fun camera x cute drawing = ace xmas pressie thank you!

  5. lucy! i am in new york at the moment so if you change your mind about wanting the camera let me know and I can pick one up for you.
    - Imogen