Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monsieur Qui

Monsieur Qui is a French illustrator who loves - "cats, dogs, handmaded works, brass bands and paste big posters in the streets of Paris".

I love the the mix of girly, flowery illustration and boyish motorbikes and skate culture. Oh and the hand drawn type, of course!

Nice work Frenchie!


  1. Oh Lucy you clever thing! I photographed street art by Monsieur Qui in my trip to Paris last year, not knowing who the artist was! Thank you for solving the mystery! :)
    Qui outside centre Pompidou:
    Qui on Rue du Temple:

  2. Good one - thank you for introducing me to this fellow Frenchy!! I really like Monsieur Qui's work, his portfolio's gorgeous, especially his doodles.

    Talking about his street work, anyone who's into graffiti & typography and who happens to be travelling to France in the next 5/6 weeks, there's a fantastic exhibition in Paris at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. It's a retrospective on the history of graffiti - it features amazing work from 1970s New York artists, with great video interviews. It ends on January 10th, 2010. Visit

  3. adore this! + such beautiful hand-lettering