Thursday, April 9, 2009

we make words

Melbourne may seem small, but sometimes I discover completely new things and/or people and it makes me remember there is still untapped fabulous-ness to discover in this village-city! Here is my latest 'why don't I already know about this!??' discovery.

Amy is an illustrator (folio here), and also makes beautiful things for sale here and here.
Luci is a designer - FABULOUS folio here.

Amy + Luci = We Make Words.

I love this project! So simple, so effective.... like a little bit of Sagmeister, right here in Melbourne. Nice work ladies ;)


  1. These are beautiful. I love seeing a random word. it makes you pause and think for a second about what it really means. i especially love the usage of alphabet letters.

  2. oh my... thank you Lucy! what a nice surprise. I was in the front row at your Guildford Lane talk on Saturday, I should have said hello!

  3. Indigo Tangerine - thanks so much for your sweet comment. Yes I agree, seeing the words in this unexpected way does make you think twice :) love it!

    Luci - I was meaning to email and tell you this was up but has a frantic day and it slipped my mind! Sorry! I found you because you commented on my site the other day... thanks so much for reading and for coming to the CWC talk :) Maybe I'll see you at the next meet-up? I LOVE your folio work and may have to feature it in more detail very soon! :)

    Lucy xxx

    If you want to see something equally amazing along these lines, check out the link by my artist Jonathan Zawada. It was hard work and he says 'never again!'

  5. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing with us. xx

    P.S. Your blog makes me miss Melbourne so much. :(

  6. yes luci is such a talent!
    Lucy - are you going to AGIdeas? I am very excited to hear Sagmeister speak!!

  7. Oh ladies thanks so much for all the additional comments here! I love comments! -

    Rebecca - thanks so much for the Zawada tip-off! Amazing! I truly must interview him soon soon! I will share this video with my readers... it is too fabulous.

    id - Aww thanks for the comment! Sorry to make you miss Melbourne though! I should balance out my Melbourne love with some Melbourne frustration posts. I try to keep it positive though!

    Lisa - thanks again for your comment! Yes super lovely work isn't it? So nice to see a graphic project that is entirely non-commercial too.

    Imogen - AGGHH i forgot to plug AGIdeas on the site.... thanks for reminding me! I just popped it up thanks to you! But alas I can't go. Can't get any time off work. Maybe you can take some photos and review it for the blog...? Hmmm... perhaps this requires an email... I'll be in touch!

  8. hello lucy! thankyou for the mention, its lovely to hear you like our little project! x