Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Luci Everett

Luci Everett's album cover design for Melbourne band 16 Millimetre

Various Melbourne gig posters by Luci
Album artwork for Luke Watt

Heeeey! Hope you had a lovely Easter. How good is a four-day-weekend?! Awesome.

I am still running a little slow after 4 sleepy days, so I figure I might as well start where I left off last week...!

Luci Everett is one half of We Make Words... she's a young Melbourne graphic designer and the work in her folio is so beautiful. I love the tactile, collaged elements especially... and the delicate sketchy lines of her illustration.

Even though I already posted about We Make Words last week, After looking at her work, I thought Luci really needed a post of her own!

Luci also has a wee blog here.

Various Melbourne gig posters by Luci
Collect posters


  1. Oh my goodness... Luci's work is absolutely gorgeous! I'm heading over to check out her folio now.

    I know what you mean about trying to gather speed after the long weekend. I haven't managed to muster up the energy to blog yet.

  2. Ow hello! You're back! I missed you love! Hope you had a gorgeous Easter!

  3. DeeeeeeeVINE!!!! Both those girls are packed with talent! Love love love!

  4. Luci's work is to die for... beautiful work.

  5. :D What a great post. I looked at the pictures first without looking at the words and was stunned to see gig posters that I know. Then I re-read the title and went oh my goodness it is Luci, love, love, love her work!

  6. Luci's work is amazing.
    Love this blog too.

  7. Hey thanks for all the encouraging comments about Luci's amazing work! I am sure she will be so touched by all your positive feedback!

    Lisa - yes, I think I'm still not quite back up to 100% energy levels after the long weekend! It's a shame Anzac Day is cancelled! Aggh.

    Ebony - awwww you're so sweet! Yes 4 days off is a record for this blog! It felt quite luxurious! Even bloggers need a long weekend sometimes!

    Ju - thanks so much for your comment! :) Yes I can;t believe I hadn't discovered these girls until now!

    Little Jane st and Helen - thanks so much for your comments! Yes it was so great to discover the local designer behind these familiar gig posters!

    b Lambent - thanks so much for the sweet comment about Luci's work and also about the blog! I really appreciate it! x

    Thanks all!! x

  8. looove her work. thanks for sharing!