Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Made by Mosey

Made by Mosey Bunting in orange

Made by Mosey - Girl's Hankey Blankey - handmade patchwork quilted blanket made from vintage handkerchiefs, filled with organic filling.

Made by Mosey
products are made by hand with love and care by Madeleine Sargent in Melbourne Australia. Being a mother of two, Madeleine is an expert in all things soft, cute and cuddly.

Isn't her work absolutely gorgeous!? There's just something so special about handmade quilty-things. Especially when the colours and fabrics are as delicate and inviting as these. Love the Boys Hankey Blankey using vintage checked/striped hankies. Genius. Madeleine's work is also ridiculously affordable at just US$70 for a child's quilt, and $30 for bunting. Agggh. This is handmade, people!

Madeleine has just opened her first Etsy shop here, and her beautiful pieces are also available at a select few cute little stores around Melbourne, such as Mac Pelican in Hawthorn. Snap them up, because at these prices they'll be gone before you know it.

Can you think of a more perfect give for the mother-to-be? ...and is it just me, or does it seem like everyone in the world is pregnant right now?

Cloud Mobile ($40!!)


  1. ohhhh my goodness, they are beautiful!! and you're right, wayyyy too cheap.

  2. all so adorable!! those lovely little clouds are super sweet and the handkerchief quilts... such a cleaver, simply beautiful idea x

  3. GAH!!! AMAZING! Oh my goodness, Made by Mosey is so talented. I love these. Will definitely check out her etsy store. Thanks so the heads up!

  4. These are gorgeous!! But most of all, I love the name- Hanky Blanky :)

  5. Ooooh yes I am glad you all agree with the gorgeous-ness! :)

    Ii-ne-kore - thanks! Aren't they beautiful? A little japanesey-kawaii even? I am loving your blog by the way! That Ku:nel magazine looks incredible! Perhaps I will have to enlist you to help me navigate the world of Amazon Japan?

    Luci - thanks so much for your comment...! Mainly because I am so glad I discovered your work and We Make Words! I think further blog coverage of your folio work is a must ;)

    Handmade Romance - you are the most loyal and lovely commenter in the blogosphere! Thankyou for you constant feedback and lovely compliments :) Yes the little clouds are too lovely aren't they? I need someone little to buy for.,..

    Sara - yes, isn't she super talented!? Glad it's not just me who thinks so :) Thanks for the comment... I am sure Madeleine will be so touched to read all this lovely feedback :) thanks!

    JoyFlea - yes isn't hankey-blankey the cutest name!? I thought that too! I feel like it's the kind of name a child would invent :) hee! thanks so much for your comment!

    I love all your comments so much! Thanks so much for taking a moment to day hello! :)

  6. These creations are sooo beautiful. I agree with joyflea, the name hanky blanky is the BEST.