Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jen Stark

Over and Out, 2008

Over and Out detail, 2008
Primaries Invert, 2008

Perhaps you all already know about the incredible paper sculpture of Jen Stark...? She's been all over the blogosphere in the last year or so. In fact, if you watch the funny little movie on her website, it says that design blogs have had a big part to play in her recent popularity and success. Yaaaay! Love that.

The video is quite good, if you can bear the cheesy voiceover. BUT a much better video is here. It's documents a visit to Jen's studio, and shows some incredible works in progress. Ms Stark seems sweet, shy and super clever.

Square, 2007 and Radial Reverie, 2008.

Enchant, 2008


  1. Jen Stark's work is amazing.
    Such beautiful work.

  2. I love Jen Stark's work!! Its exotic and beautiful and totally uplifting..

  3. love these pieces, so beautiful