Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I can't remember how I found IJM.... but I have a sneaking suspicion it may have been another Hello Sandwich tip-off! I'm loving all Ebony's links right now! :)

Dutch super-stylist Frank Visser is the creative mind behind IJM studio. It seems he does all kinds of styling, set design, art direction under this name... and his work is just incredible - so inventive, engaging and so tactile. LOVE it.

IJM studio also has a blog.


  1. oh my - i am really, really loving all of that style. thanks for a beautiful post (and to hellosandwich the tipper-offer:)

  2. Absolutely fab images. I love them all, especially the first few.
    I'm also really enjoying Ebony's blog!

  3. Hey Bree and Lisa... thanks so much for your sweet comments! YES Ebony has totally hit the ground running with Hello Sandwich! I am loving her quirky finds so much... and so glad so many others are loving it too!

  4. Ooh I love the pastel floors/walls. Divine!

    (spooky: my captcha for posting this comment is 'divin')

  5. Im with everyone else here. Lovely images, thanks for sharing Im off to check the ijm links now... and Im also loving Ebony's charming Hello Sandwich ways x

  6. Fabulous. I love those styles and designs. I just love your post. Thanks for sharing this.