Monday, March 30, 2009

Creative Women's Circle meeting this Saturday

Heeeey... just thought I would take a moment in-between posts to plug a little talk I am giving in Melbourne this weekend!

Graphic designer Tess McCabe, who I met whilst we were both blogging for the Melbourne International Design Festival last year, has recently taken over organising of a group called Creative Women's Circle (originally the brainchild of interior designer Dearne Herrenberg). It has been running for a couple of years, and is held 6 times a year.

According to Tess, CWC meetings are a great way to meet likeminded creative women from a variety of creative fields, and learn from their experiences. The women involved in CWC are engaged in all sorts of creative businesses, from jewellery to printmaking, magazine production, graphic design, bags and accessories manufacturing...

And... apparently, Tess thinks my experience in creating and maintaining this little blog would be of interest to creative women in Melbourne! Who'd have thought!?

Anyway, allegedly it's a very casual, social affair... so I am trying not to be too nervous! I'll be talking about how I started out in the crazy world of props buying/set dressing, how the blog has opened a few doors for me professionally, and how creative people can better promote themselves and raise their profiles online via their own or other peoples blogs. And perhaps I'll be showing some slides :)

If you're in Melbourne and interested in coming along this Saturday morning, it would be lovely to meet you! It's at the gorgeous Guildford Lane Gallery, 20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne, from 10am - 12 (I won't be talking that whole time I hope!) RSVP to

Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne


  1. i thought victory might be onto this! good for you luce, i'll try to make it there x

  2. Ooooh Vic and Marns!! Thanks so much for your support! Don't feel obliged to come though! :)

    I am super nervous...! ridiculous I know. Anyway CWC sounds like such a great idea, so perhaps it will become a regular thing for us this year...?

    Thanks!!! Vic I still owe you those photos on disk! Aggh. Will bring them to the CWC thing!

  3. damn!
    I'm shop girl on saturday.
    good luck! you'll be great!

  4. What a great blog Lucy! Thank you for your comment and for making the connection with Shelley and Jess - both great women.

    I had someone say to me the other day 'I think we run with the same pack' (which I really loved)...maybe we do too somehow?

    I'm sorry I missed your CWC meeting. Let me know if you do it again. Not sure that I can really own being 'creative' yet but I'm very attracted to the idea at least.

    I'll say hi to Chris for you.

  5. hey sweetie, this sounds fabulous! i'll be there for sure. you'll be great. see you on sat. x shelley t

  6. Hey Pene - Oh I should drop in and visit you on my way home from the city. I am so LOVING your embroidery pictures... gorgeous! :) Chat soon!

    Kate - Thanks so much for your comment too! Yes, I agree we must run with the same pack! When Shelley told me she was seeing you I couldn't believe it, after knowing Jess had been in touch, and remembering Chris telling me about your line of work in perhaps 2003!

    Anyway it is so lovely to have finally made contact and we must keep in touch... I'll bookmark your blog!

    ps) Oh the CWC talk is actually this coming Saturday (April 4th) ... But don't feel obliged to come.. Your weekend must be very busy! I'm sure our paths will cross in the not-too-distant future x