Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Picture Pig

Illustration by Sonia Kretschmar

Illustration by Sonia Kretschmar

Picture Pig is a website run by a group of Australian illustrators, simply as a space to share and promote their fantastic portfolios.

It's not a rep, agency or a studio - but rather a bunch of friends who just want you to look at their website, and give them a job!

I love the cooperative spirit of this unique creative collective... It's truly a 'strength in numbers' approach! Pop on over to check out the sensational and extremely varied work of local illustrators, including Nigel Buchanan, Andrea Innocente, Sonia Kretschmar, Christopher Nielsen and Danny Snell among many others!

Great stuff.

Illustration by Andrea Innocente - love her Japanese themes...!

Recent work by illustrator Dean Gorissen for the worldwide Twix 'Pause' Campaign (more info on the News section on the Picture Pig site).

Retro-inspired illustrations with a fantastic sense of colour and texture by Christopher Nielsen


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