Wednesday, February 18, 2009


LoveBento is a new thing... I wonder how many of you already know about it? It's basically a free weekly email which lists the 5 'most loveable' things/people/places/products about town. LoveBento reckon they 'scour the streets for the hottest products, people and places and deliver them straight to your inbox.'

Hmmm. I do sometimes worry when a new email newsletter pops ups claiming to uncover all the 'hottest, freshest' stuff money can buy, etc.... BUT bare with me, 'cos I think LoveBento just might be cute enough to make it work :)

LoveBento's point of difference is:

1) A Melbourne-focus (gotta love that!)
2) A really well designed website /mailout package
3) The cute and very original Japanese-inspired 'bento' idea, which basically likens their offering to the famous Japanese lunchbox - ie a little bit of this, a little of that... all in a cute little compartmentalised box!


LoveBento is the brainchild of a very experienced internet-savvy creative mind... Melissa Peters, Creative Director of Melbourne interactive agency Citrus. They are experts at making awesome websites, digital strategy and online marketing. With this lineage, it's fair to say LoveBento is destined for success!

An example of a LoveBento box, mailed to your inbox weekly

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  1. yay! just in time for my trip, will be checking this out for ideas; what a great idea!