Monday, February 16, 2009

Kate Spade super-cute Valentines' e-mailouts

Oh Man. I wish I knew about this before Valentines Day!

I've posted about Kate Spade's gorgeous 'behind the curtain' website before... but haven't visited recently... so didn't spot this wonderful little free Valentine's e-card mailout section until just now... it's reaaaaally cute.

Serves me right for not visiting their site recently! Agghh!

Anyway... I guess schmoop doesn't have to be only on Valentines Day... you can always just send one to your Mum :)

Go on!


  1. and your mum would just love to get one too! signed mama

  2. i love them... and i hope jp does too, cos i might send him one of each.

  3. Oh my favourite 2 ladies!

    Thanks for your comments :)

    Mama - Thanks! I will be sure not to send you the one about 'making out' :) hee! x

    Jess - YES of course JP will love them. I wish Gordon would be so open-minded :) Hope your day of volunteering on Sunday went ok! You are too lovely... x

  4. Have you seen this, too sweet...