Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March/April magazine round-up

Vogue Living's feature on a Sydney harbour-front apartment designed by Blainey North. Photos - Anson Smart.

Have you guys seen Vogue Living this month? It is amazing. Inside Out is also pretty great.

Mind you... whilst the pictures are nothing short of stunning.... don't go reading the copy too closely - unless you're seriously immune to lifestyle jealously. If you can handle the charmed life and incredible new home of Sydney stylist/fund manager(?) Shannon Fricke (Inside Out).... then I challenge you to read Vogue's article on the home of 28-year old UK interior designer Fiona Barratt without raising an eyebrow. Her impeccable apartment in London's joozchy South Kensington was renovated in just 11 weeks - Ms Barratt living out of the third bedroom all the while, as she 'had nowhere else to stay!" Ouch.

Vogue pulls together a really interesting round-up of surface patterns and textures which appear eroded, faded or aged... LOVE this! So original.

Vogue rounds up playful, colourful splattered patterns and homewares. I spy the work of Miss Bizys!

The aforementioned home of UK interior designer Fiona Barratt. Painfully perfect. Photos - Ditte Isager.

LOVE these painted metal sculptures by Melbourne artist Robert Owen, on the exterior wall of a Victorian terrace house in Sydney. (Vogue Living, photos - Marcel Aucar).

Vogue Living shares the eclectic NYC rooftop of NZ artist Mark Welsh. Photos - Ditte Isager.

Gorgeous contemporary kitchen in Inside Out. Photos - Richard Powers.

Also loving this patterned wall panel - it's Florence Broadhurst's Ink Blue-on-Flat White from Signature Prints. Inside Out again.

Love this classic, sleek contemporary fit-out of a Victorian terrace in Melbourne... Inside Out, photos - Sharyn Cairns.

Inside Out. Love the classic LC3 chairs by Le Corbusier in white on white.

The eclectic home of designer and artist Tigger Hall in Melbourne. Inside Out, photos - Sharyn Cairns.


  1. Ouch indeed. I bought VL late last week and haven't really had time to read the copy. I started today. Raised eyebrows indeed. Beautiful houses and rooms and people. Too beautiful for my downtown suburban middle income - live next door to the church on the main road - life. Oh, but we can dream.

  2. A very delectable line up - makes me want to rush out and buy Vogue Living. I've already devoured my Inside Out. Oh how I wish they still published on a monthly basis! Thanks for sharing these lovely images.