Thursday, February 26, 2009

Japan-love in blog-land

Custom parasol by Iida Umbrella Shop

Hey friends.
A few new fun finds for you today.

1) Ii-Ne-Kore

A new Melbourne-based blog with a Japanese focus, by self-confessed nipponophile Bree Claffey, who speaks/reads Japanese, studies Japanese, and posts about her favourite Japanese designers, products, food etc. Bree intends to post more on translated japanese recipes and book/magazine features, as well as Melbourne-based designy places that bring japan a little closer to home.... recent posts have focussed on some of my fave Japanese designers including Mina Perhonen and SANAA Architects...

Found this magical shot on the Mina Perhonen website... do visit their website for the full length version. LOVE the handrawn stars and blotchy yellow backdrop.... stunning.

and via Ms Claffey's special little blog I found -

2) the Iida Umbrella Shop

More umbrella-love from the Iida Umbrella Shop

A unique Japanese business, founded by young textile designer Yoshihisa Iida, who makes unique umbrellas and parasols for styling, film and stage props, or private sale. She collaborates with various brands and artists, and also hold exhibitions of her original design works.

I love that there is a little shop out there somewhere in Japan which makes nothing other than perfect umbrellas...! Gorgeousness.

3) Ee-tee's Flickr (also via Bree's blog)

...featuring tiny, stunning hand-cut rubber stamps, amongst other lovely, pretty things....


  1. You know I used to love everything Japanese... until I went there last year. And now I am totally OBSESSED! Since then I have been carving my own stamps too, although they aren't as gorgeous as Ee-tee's. Thanks for these links Lucy.
    Another must see blog is Spoon & Tomago:

  2. thank you for mentioning my blog lucy - that has made my day!

  3. My daughter (eastern USA) alerted me (west coast USA) to your page about the book sculpture. I initially reacted somewhat as anonymous' did; but I then realized that many books artlessly written by our socialist American leaders would find redemption in book sculpture and would finally achieve the status of art!

    I enjoyed your other pages, too. As emailed links to your blog spread around the world, you should consider adding some advertising. You deserve some revenue for your efforts.