Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Society Inc - Tradewinds

Invitation to opening of 'Tradewinds' - The Society Inc's latest theme.
All photos by Nicola - Concrete and Honey

Remember my interview with Sydney stylist Sibella Court last year...? Sibella spent 9 years living and working in New York, before returning to Sydney last year to open The Society Inc - a unique store filled with all kinds of eclectic finds inspired by Sibella's many years overseas.

The Society Inc's stock and carefully styled interior revolves around different themes, which change four times a year. The shop recently changed themes again - this time it's 'Tradewinds'.

Sydney-based blogger Nicola, of Concrete and Honey, tipped me off about the most recent theme last week, and was kind enough to share these gorgeous photos she took of the store's current stock. I love the concept of an ever-changing theme - so you never know what's around the corner... but man, it seems like an awful lot of work for Sibella to maintain!

Wish I could visit Sydney more often! Thanks so much Nicola :)

Assorted ribbons and ceramics in stunning shades of nautical blue and creamy yellow.

Top left are Nicola's purchases from her visit... a tiny sea urchin, a porcelain feather, and a tiny blue fan...

Porcelain feathers, and purchases all wrapped up.


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