Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dior Cherie ad campaign

Did you see this beautiful Dior print advertisement in The Age Melbourne Magazine last week?

Call me girly.... but I love it! Such beautiful romantic styling... love the twisted ribbon type and those big round balloons (they're popping up everywhere at the moment!). Well... I guess February is the month of romance...?

ps) Sophie Coppola directed the TVC for this campaign... you can see it here. Even more fluffy and girly I'm afraid!


  1. I love it too! And you're right, it is February, month of ♥. PLUS that fragrance is divine!

    I love the TVC that Coppola directed, some of it is annoying, but it's very reminiscent of her Marie Antoinette. She has such a knack for delicious colour and light! Sophisticated yet cheeky romance. love it.

  2. Hi Nicole - thanks for your comment :)

    I haven't smelt(?) the fragrance actually.. must try it out next time I'm in the city :)

    Sophia Coppola's TVC is so beautiful... I love the styling... but a little part of me finds it just a little too sickly sweet I think... ;) hee hee. I think it's just the airy-fairy performance and lack of a script/storyline? Maybe I'm being too harsh! ..I guess sometimes things are just made to be pretty! x