Monday, February 2, 2009

newest sponsor - Galerie Montmartre!

Galerie Montmartre's beautiful showroom in Fitzroy

Happy February! It's the start of a new month (already!) - 2009 seems to racing along faster than I can keep up with!

This month I'm excited to introduce to you my newest sponsor - Galerie Montmartre! I've profiled Galerie Montmartre here before - their gorgeous showroom in Melbourne's Fitzroy is such a lovely space to visit and browse... and of course their selection of original European and American vintage posters is second to none. Some of my favourites from their current stock below:

Favor Girl poster by Bellenger, c.1950, 115cm x 155cm and SUD poster by Bellenger, c.1950 115cm x 156cm.

Gaz by Jean Collin, c. 1950, 14cm x 21cm ($60) and Gaz by Leo Kouper c. 1950, 14cm x 21cm (only $50.00!)

Suze poster by Roger Mayer, 1961, 90cm x 128cm and Orangina Cafe Table by Bernard Villemot, 1978, 70 x 92cm.

If you're not in Melbourne - not to worry, much of Galerie Montmartre's collection is online, and international orders are most welcome! The prices on their website are in Australian dollars... so chances are, even if you're country is slipping into economic meltdown - you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the exchange rate!

I am truly grateful to the lovely Shelley and Stephan of Galerie Montmartre, who have been so supportive of The Design Files since I first met them last year! :) Please share the love, and pop over to check out the stunning posters on their website!

Relax by Rene Gruau, c.1960, 63cm x 97cm and Mont Saint-Michel by Bernard Villemot, 1955, 63cm x 100cm.

TWA Paris by David Klein, c.1950, 64cm x 102cm and Moulin Rouge Frenesie by Rene Gruau, 1978 58cm - 38cm (this one $350.00!)

Galerie Montmartre interior


  1. Oh thanks Anne! Aren't they gorgeous! Of course, they have many more 'grown-up' style ones... but I always tend to love the cutesy, colourful, cartoony kind!

    Makes me very flattered that you're reading my blog! xx