Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentines Day (sorry!)

These gorgeous letterpressed designs are by Brooklyn based creative team Bread + Butter. Snap them up at the Bread + Butter's Etsy shop. US$4.00 each (OR $9.00 for a selection of three!)

More letterpress goodness from Bread + Butter... Love these! how cute.

Uhhhh oh. This week The Design Files seems to be sinking into schmoopi romance land... first that gorgeous Dior poster, and now a little round up of Valentine's Day cards. Uh oohhhh.

Ahhh I can't help it... anyone who knows me will tell you I am a sucker for romance. Anyway, hopefully these gorgeous hand-crafted cards will strike a chord even if you're a Valentine's non-believer.

ps) I may have purchased a collection of Bread + Butter's gorgeous cards online yesterday... one to give to my very anti-romantic fella on the 14th. He'll be horrified. I can say that because he doesn't actually read this blog. I know, shocking.

You've seen these before - don't ya just love the little arrow peg? - from Susy*Jack

A little less schmoopi, and little more kooky... these from Able and Game - why do these remind me of Napoleon Dynamite for some reason? Many more to browse through in the Able and Game etsy shop.


  1. Ha, my husband doesn't read my blog either. Love the cards you posted. Schmaltzy emotion is acceptable once a year, and at a wedding :).

  2. ha ha I guess my blog is just too girly (especially this week!)

    Thanks for your sweet comment.. I was worried perhaps everyone reading would be rolling their eyes about a 'Valentines day' post! ha!


  3. I liked it, I think it is never to cheesy. But like Brooke said, it shouldn't be to often.

  4. hey maroochidoor,

    Can you pick up a copy of the "mixtape" one for me...henny penny wants it.