Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twentieth Century Modern

Twentieth Century Modern is a fabulous little vintage furniture shop just around the corner from where we're staying in Darlinghurst. It's small, but absolutely jam-packed with the most incredible pieces - beautiful sideboards, a stunning selection of ceramics and glassware, and a great range of Meadmore pieces and Featherston chairs, which are getting harder and harder to come by.

We dropped in on Saturday and met Ken Neale who owns the shop... he was so lovely and very entertaining - at one point he excused himself and left us to look after the shop while he ran across the road, saying he had left something in the oven! He returned 5 minutes later with a steaming roasted artichoke, which he proceeded to devour enthusiastically whilst patiently answering all our questions in between mouthfuls! (The most wonderful part of this somewhat surreal exchange was the fact that Ken had perched his plate of artichoke on a table right alongside an original Louis Poulsen Artichoke Pendant lamp!).

Stunning 50's sideboards. They looked Danish to me but Ken said they're actually Australian.

brightly coloured glassware and nik naks

More colourful smalls and a set of gorgeous Featherston dining chairs

Isn't this Achille Castiglione record player gorgeous? It's got such character. Reminds me of something you'd see in a James Bond-style boudoir...

Curved 50's plywood chair by Sydney's Kalmar Industries(?)... hope I spelt that correctly.

top - loved these Australian 50' armchairs in the window (sold I think! sorry!). A little bit Featherston in style but slightly more angular and contemporary in shape. bottom - set of nesting tables by Arte Studios. Love the black against white.

more colourful nik naks, and below, another lovely Featherston armchair

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  1. The sideboards are by Architect Douglas Snelling for Functional Products.