Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The streets of Darlinghurst are so green and full of lush plant life. I love these cascading planter boxes - aren't they stunning? ....got me planning all kinds of garden renovation when I get home!

Just a quick THANKYOU to all the Sydney folk for your wonderful suggestions and recommendations... had a fabulous day in Surry Hills / Darlinghurst today checking out all the good interiors shops (many of which were recommended by you!). Many photos and a little shopping guide to come next week! (would love to post it whilst I'm here but those shopping guides really take a lot of my time!).

Anyway, thanks again... I am here til next weekend so keep 'em coming!

Tomorrow you can look forward to some international news... just to shift the focus slightly :)


  1. morning,
    I work at Livingedge and i love Surry Hills.
    You should try and find Single Origin - the best coffee in sydney, on reservoir street.
    Check out their website too it is wonderful www.singleorigin.com.au
    they roast their own beans and have a lot of love to give their community!

  2. so glad you are enjoying the Hills!
    I work at the Livingedge studio and love surry hills.
    The best coffee and loveliest people can be found at Single Origin on reservoir street.
    it is a hub of creatives and bike riders and business people and the crew that work there are wonderful!
    check out their awesome website too

  3. Sibella Court - her amazing NY apartment was featured in a recent Inside Out - has just opened a shop in Paddington called The Society (I think). It's on Stewart St. I haven't been yet but heard good things.

    Whendavidmetnicole in Surry Hills is also worth checking out.

  4. Beattie - thanks so much for the tip! The Single Origin website is amazing! My partner is a coffee nut so don't worry we'll find it!

    Thanks so much for your recommendation! x