Monday, September 29, 2008


This week I am in glorious Sydney for a little holiday, and of course, a lot of design reporting! You all probably know that I'm a Melbourne girl through and through... I do love Melbourne's wide, leafy streets and the eclecticism of our beautiful city.... but I have to say, there's also a lot to love about Sydney!

Sydney is so different to Melbourne - it's a lot more slick, it's much less bohemian than Melbourne.... all in all it just feels a bit more polished. But the main drawcard - it's just so picturesque! We've had incredible not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days all weekend... and as for Sydney harbour, the bridge and the Opera House... breathtaking. Of course I've been here before, but I'm blown away everytime. This city is truly picture-perfect. (unfortunately 500pixel-wide images really don't do it justice).

My gushing about this wonderful city probably also has a lot to do with the fact that we're housesitting the most stunning apartment in Sydney's leafy suburb of Darlinghurst. Lucky lucky! The apartment building is known as 'Republic 2' and was designed by famed Sydney architects Burley Katon Halliday. Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous. Ahhh... I could get used to this!

Darlinghurst's 'Republic 2' apartment building - exterior

view of the pool area from our balcony, with Harry Seidler's skeletal Horizon apartment building twinkling in the background.

odd angle - this is 'Republic 2' exterior from the street below. Love those cascading gardens on the rooftop penthouse!

another view from the balcony.... ahh. How will I ever go home?

Perhaps next week I will post images of the apartment's interior... it. is. incredible.

ps) Sydney-siders I would love your recommendations of good shops, restaurants, etc to visit... - please leave me a comment!


  1. Hi Lucy,

    You've got to try Una's, if you've not been before. It was the first restaurant I sampled to when I moved to Sydney and I love it.

    Also, nina says go to Wall, cnr Campbell and Foster St Surry Hills for a taste of home ;0)

    Iain (& nina)

  2. ooooh the Mcpringles! So lovely to see a familiar name pop up here... and thanks so much for your suggestions! We will definitely check them out :)

    Thanks for being such loyal readers! :) hope all is well with you both. I think a double date is in order sometime soon when we get back xx chat soon! x

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Up the road to Bodega ( 216 Commonwealth Street Surry Hills ) for dinner would be my pick.... and leave room for the banana split...Oh and Cafe Giulias for a long lazy breakfast ( 92 Abercrombie Street, Chippindale )... Drop in on Nina at Courtesy of the Artist ( 547 Bourke Street , Surry Hills ) Object Gallery ( 417 Bourke St, Surry Hils ), Beautiful on the Inside.. across the road.
    I'm at Metalab ( 10b Fitzroy Place, Surry Hills )
    Don't have an exhibitions on but drop in and say hi anyways... Enjoy Syd.


  4. Just like with Melbourne, it's probably good to check out different areas.

    Bondi (I'm biased, I live here)
    Brunch - Jeds cafe
    Lunch - North Italian Diner
    Cake - Gelato Bar
    Interiors shop - The Market New & Old Wares
    Cocktails - Icebergs
    Dinner - Mojos tapas

    Surry Hills
    Morning tea/coffee - Bourke St Bakery
    Interiors shop - Ici et La
    Interiors shop - Sydney Antiques Centre (a lot less pricey than you'd think)
    Interiors shop - Orson & Blake

    Fashion - William St
    Fashion - Oxford St

    Fashion - Queen St
    Interiors - Orson & Blake

    Potts Point
    Cafes & Bars - Macleay St

    That should get you started!

  5. Fratelli & Yellow in Pott's Point!

  6. Wow thanks so much for all the recommendations!

    Cesar - thanks so much for your picks! I will do my best to drop in to Metalab and say hello! Can't wait to get to Object Gallery... been meaning to check it out for ages.

    Natalie - so comprehensive! Thankyou! Bondi is definitely on our list so its great to get your top picks for the area... Also on my Bondi list is Funkis Swedish Forms - keep spotting Funkis finds in Real Living and we don't have one in Melbourne! Anyway thanks so much and if I see you walking Charles down the street I will pluck up some courage and introduce myself!

    Anonymous - Fratelli Fresh is totally on the list already - if I read about it in one more magazine I might scream. But Yellow isn't so consider it added! Agghh. so much to see, so little time! x

  7. hi Lucy, try Fratelli in Potts Point - its different to Fratelli Fresh. Sopra is the cafe at Fratelli Fresh and its fantastic as well. A Tavola is fantastic on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst (sorry Iain & Nina but Unas is so awful !!). Another must visit is a tiny cafe by the swimming pool at the Icebergs. its called the Crabbe Hole - one of the best locations in Sydney and yummy food! Bodega is great! Toko is great for sushi - Surry Hills as well. Have fun!

  8. anonymous - thanks for the clarification! Actually that's quite a coincidence, as my partner is good friend with one of Fratelli Paradiso's owners and we'll definitely be heading there for dinner one night this week! :) Crabbe Hole sound good too... and Bodega seems a firm favourite with the locals so I hope we can squeeze it in! - must get a bit of a schedule happening or I don't know how we'll fit it all in! Thanks again x