Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mondo Trasho

the Mondo Trasho showroom in Abbotsford, Melbourne

I received an email recently from Alistair who co-owns a unique furniture store called Mondo Trasho in Abbotsford. Alistair invited me to go and see their incredible collection, so last week I dropped by to check out their showroom.

My goodness! What an amazing space! Can't believe I had never visited previously - they've been there over 3 years, but I rarely find myself in that neck of the woods. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos of their truly eclectic collection... all the pieces are personally selected by Alistair and his partner Nicholas, who travel overseas frequently on the hunt for more exciting discoveries. The designs they pull together are so unexpected and engaging... classic style with a definitively kooky twist. For the discerning home-decorator whose not afraid of making a statement!

Many more images of current stock on the regularly updated and very comprehensive Mondo Trasho website.

I loved these colourful painted timber screens from Holland! They're ex shop-fitting display I think... great colours!

top - Zyklus Armchair by Peter Maly, Germany c1983, bottom - a surgical 'Chromophare' operating theatre lamp from Germany sits atop an industrial steel table from England c1950.

Mondo Trasho circular counter - very classy!

marble-topped French revolving dental cabinet c1950's - excuse my voice (that's me with the dopey 'I love it'!) ...have not yet figured out how to remove the audio from these clips!

top - showroom with sculptural 1930's armchairs (foreground) and in the background that incredible teak desk crafted in Sri Lanka, c1920's. (better shot here) bottom - 'Strip' beech dining chairs designed by Gijs Bakker c1974. (set of 6 available)

ceramic 'paper bag' floor vase by Rosenthal

Mondo Trasho
387 Johnston st

(03) 9486 9595

Open Thurs-Sun 11am - 5pm
or by appointment


  1. oo i love, i think ill have to visit melbourne really really soon to check out all these places!!

  2. i made my first ebay purchase from mondo trasho 4 years ago!!! they are amazing.

  3. Mondo Trasho is by far my favourite shop in Melbourne!

  4. Vanessa, Jenny and Peter thanks so much for your comments! :)

    Glad to hear Mondo Trasho is so popular with you guys... I can't believe I had never visited until last week. Quite shameful.

    Thanks for saying hello! x

  5. oh great pictures!
    i like the gallery style space - really focuses your attention on the furniture.
    i'm enjoying all of these sneaky-peaks inside the showroom, makes me green with envy!

  6. Wow!

    All placeces and everything there looks so appealing i had a good time going thru all the pictures i loved the interiors and the furnitures on diplay.

    Especally @ Missoni's everthing is so bright happy and funky available there :)