Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guy Mathews Vintage Industrial Furniture

Finally popped my head into the new Guy Mathews Vintage Industrial Furniture shop in Johnston st, Fitzroy last week. It's the perfect space for Guy's eclectic collection - wandering from one room to the next you get the feeling you've stumbled into someone's house... which is interesting because you get the same feeling at the beautiful Lee Matthews shop in High st Armadale.... *Bling* lightbulb moment - I realised whilst chatting to him that Guy is in fact Mr. Lee Mathews! (hope he won't mind me saying that!).

Guy has designed all the Lee Mathews shops, in addition to running his own interior design business and various retail outlets over the years.

Guy Mathews has a beautiful collection of vintage and industrial furniture, which he teams with stunning large-scale artworks and prints to maximum effect. A number of French vintage posters were on display when I visited... but what really caught my eye were the striking pieces by Croatian artist Boris Bucan. Turns out Guy bought them from a Croatian Melbourne cab driver, who insisted on showing him the collection after a good chat about art on a long drive back from the airport!

Guy Mathews eclectic interior

top image - one of Boris Bucan's prints is partially obscured by a vintage step ladder, bottom image - French vintage posters on display.

The artwork above is one of Guy's own collages

Guy Mathews Vintage Industrial Furniture
154 Johnston st

(03) 9417 5750


  1. argh another awesome shop i really really want to visit!!!!

  2. truly loving this!! Especially the bottom photo with all of those old file boxes!! Such a great look with them all stacked like that!

  3. He is also an artist whose work we've featured in Real Living. You'll recognise one of his works on the cover with Alice in the stripey dress. July issue, I think.

    Last I heard Guy and Lee where living on Sydney's northern beaches. But he doesn't have a shop in Sydney, from what I know. But if he does... somebody, please tell me as I've got to go there PRONTO!

  4. Thanks so much for your comments ladies! Yes he has a real knack for arranging these elements doesn't he?

    Natalie - Yes apparently Guy is still living in Sydney but commuting to Melbourne every week at the moment until his shop is a little more established. I think he mentioned he's been involved in retail in Sydney in the past but doesn't have an outlet there at the moment... I'll be sure to let you know if I hear otherwise!

    Lucy x

  5. Hi Guy,
    My name is Pamela Wardell and I am interested in puchasing one of your art works from the postcard series.(timber essemblages). I was wondering if it might be possible for you to photograph what you have left and I can select from these. I just returned from Melbourne last week and have only just discovered your shop through a friend. I live in nrth Queensland so would either get you to post it or get my sister to pick it up.My email address is Ph:(07)49599737 Work: (07) 49692956 I look forward to hereing from you. Cheers Pamela Wardell

  6. industrial style lights (and many desireable vintage items )similar to what you find in guy mathews and other hip melbourne stores are listed on ebay by the seller username glennrollo .He also owns a shop in sydneys west, parramatta.Ive picked up some super deals over the time.Check it out 78 pitt st parramatta.Its a hidden gem. marc graham