Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Design Victoria - Open Space event

Image - Leaving the Melbourne Convention Centre by Michael Blamey of the amazing Melbourne Today photo blog (looks much better in large format over at Michael's blog)

I am getting so many emails at the moment from designers and design-industry organisations and businesses... it is great to see this little site is somehow finding all the right people! I really value all your feedback and emails so keep 'em coming :)

Last week I heard from Kara of Design Victoria. Design Victoria is a state-funded organisation which supports and promotes the local design industry. Their website is worth a browse if you're part of Melbourne's design community - they offer lots of seminars and events supporting local design , and offer valuable advice particularly for those new to the industry.

Design Vic are hosting an Open Space event next month for practitioners to join in a conversation about issues facing the local industry, and how Design Vic can assist in these areas. Participants will be encouraged to share ideas and participate in discussion to ensure the needs of the Victorian design industry are met through Design Victoria’s programs. Topics like training, improving competitiveness and identification of new markets will be covered.

Members of the Melbourne professional design community are encouraged to sign up and play a role in the shaping the future of design in Victoria. It will also be a valuable opportunity to network and, you know, feel like a grown up :)

Sounds a fantastic initiative - so let's support it! More info on the Design Victoria website here.


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