Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brunswick Bound

Brunswick Bound is no secret to the Northsiders of Melbourne... Susie and Rob Arambasic opened this great bookstore in Sydney rd, Brunswick in June last year, and its quickly become a firm favourite. It's the only bookstore of this calibre in the area (the closest similar options being Readings in Carlton or Brunswick st Bookstore in Fitzroy).

Susie and Rob both surprisingly come from backgrounds in the financial sector(!), but have always harboured an ambition to open a bookstore like this. They've got 3 kids, and have lived in Brunswick for 12 years.. so when the opportunity came up to lease this generous space on Sydney rd, they jumped at the chance to realise their dream!

Brunswick Bound ticks all my boxes - a great selection of books, (a particularly great design section), a couple of comfy chairs to curl up with your favourite finds, friendly service and a fantastic fit-out. Love that counter-top! Susie and Rob's good friend, architect Christie Petsinis helped them out with the interior design of the shop, and that fantastic counter was her idea.

But the icing on the cake is the gallery upstairs, which regularly exhibits the work of local artists. Actually, apparently it's free for artists to exhibit there. How great is that? This large, sunlit space above the bookstore is managed by Melbourne artist Arlene TextaQueen. She curates the exhibitions, and puts on an afternoon tea party for each new opening! What more could you want?

Brunswick rocks. :)

Brunswick Bound 361 Sydney Road, Brunswick 3056 ph. 9381 4019 Open Mon-Sat 10.00am-6.00pm, Sunday 11.00am-5.00pm


  1. Utterly. Stunning. In my next work-life shift, I want to own a bookstore. Really, I do. Libraries rock, but bookstores could be the next amazing thing, for me at least. God, I have to close my mouth now before a fly zooms in. Thank you for sharing! I'm an Adelaide girl so this wasn't yet on my radar. But it will be now, damn!

  2. Thank you - I live in Ormond, but you have given me yet another reason to cross the Yarra River to the gorgeous part of the world that is Brunswick/Fitzroy. Can't wait to check out the gallery upstairs!

  3. Chellie_d and Lee

    Thankyou for your lovely comments! I know... owning a bookshop would be such a lovely way to earn a living! :)

    Lee, I used to live in Brighton and would drive across town every weekend just to hang out in Fitzroy and Carlton and Brunswick... It's such a great, vibrant part of Melbourne. I've finally moved this side of town now :) Thanks for saying hi! x

  4. I like that book-desk-counter. Funny though, 'cause it's kind of like tacit acknowledgment that not all books are treasured forever. Still, better they to be re-purposed as bricks with a functional and symbolic purpose of holding up the counter, than to be part of some crummy landfill.

  5. Oooh - another reason why I want to live in Melbourne! Definitely have to put this place as a must-see on my next visit. Thanks Lucy!

  6. Thanks Natalie! It's a little out of the way unless you're north of the city, but it's a goodie...

    Next time you're heading down here you must email me so I can recommend more places :)

  7. This book-counter is going to inspire installations all around the world. I hope our Friends of the Library in Monroeville, PA, USA have found new uses for books that don't sell at our annual

  8. I want one, I want one-oh, and a bookstore to match!