Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Julien Valee

Stills from an animation made for Black and White (a division of Montreal ad agency Bleublancrouge.)

Custom image for manystuff.org - created in response to a brief set by Manystuff, questioning the relative roles of the computer and hand-made processes in design.

If I spoke better French, I would know more about Julien Vallée. As it stands, all I know is that he's a graphic and motion graphic designer based in Canada, and he does some super-cool stuff with paper and cardboard. I hope you'll excuse the sketchy details and settle for a peek at these gorgeous pictures from his website, and the FANTASTIC little video he made for Black and White. His many talents include:

1) Incredible animation combining computer and in-camera animation techniques:

animation made for Black and White (a division of Montreal ad agency Bleublancrouge.)
via notcot.org and viacomit (and lots of other places)

2) creating fantastic 3D models from cardboard and paper:

Cover for Grafika - the 2008 Quebec annual graphic design studios guide

Custom images for manystuff.org

3) ...and displaying large collections of items in neatly ordered patterns:

Cover for Print magazine

This mag cover was also Published in Tactile - High Touch Visuals (A book from Die-Gestalten - Berlin - 2007)

Wow! I love this combination of hand-made elements with computer-based techniques!
Or perhaps I am just obsessed with paper.

hmm. I worry this blog is in danger of becoming all about paper and fabric... ;)


  1. this is sooo cool! I love how playful and imaginative it is. makes me feel like a slacker.

  2. I know!! Such great ideas... makes me want to take a whole day off to play with paper!

    ps) just check out your blog... love those wedding dress options... gorgeous gorgeous. I love the one with the yellow around the bust.. lovely. Thanks for your comment! :)

  3. just when I think there is no inspiration left, I come back to your site and find some. Amazing blog. Simply, amazing,

  4. thankyou! What a lovely thing say :) I am so glad you are enjoying reading.... thankyou for your comment.