Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miriam Bereson

A-Z art frieze - Miriam Bereson

I got a lovely email last week from Adam Nissen, who is one half of Melbourne based design and manufacturing team Miriam Bereson. (Miriam herself being the other half!) Their quirky timber address books/diaries/photo frames were well known throughout the 1990’s, but towards the end of the 90’s they stopped production for a while to start a family. Since 2005 Miriam and Adam have been back in action, and they continue to distribute their products throughout Australia and around the world.

All Miriam Bereson products are manufactured in Australia, and its a high priority of Miriam and Adam's to maintain this. They are currently working on an online shop -
at the moment their yearly wall planner is the only product available for sale online. I love their kooky wooden cut-outs, available as gift cards or magnets... cute for a kids room or bedroom door... check out their website for more.

assorted magnets

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  1. she was my primary school art teacher! x